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Electric bikes are one of the most environmental modes of transport available these days. Costing on average between 8-14 pence per charge which will in turn give you anything up to 100 miles in range. This is good for your wallet, good for your health and even better for the health of the planet.

At eBike.scot we are a family run business that likes to have as much input into the end product as we can. That's why our wheel assemble is done by people not  machines, this way we can be sure that the lacing and truing of the hubs and rims gives us the quality that we insist on in every wheel we produce. As with our batteries they are individually hand built by trained technicians which means our standards are very hard to match.

We also offer a range of services which include battery testing, maintenance or refurbishment.  Or you can have your own bike converted to an electric bike.  This can save on cost, and you get to ride a bike that you know and love just a bit further and a bit faster than you usually do.  We also offer a range of eBike spare parts and kits for the DIY enthusiasts.  If you have any questions please contact us using the contacts page.